Find the news from press releases.

Automate the finding of news content

Saving time, costs & nerves

News media companies receive thousands of press releases daily. goes through the press releases and automatically highlights relevant information for the journalist thus saving time, costs and nerves.


That’s all folks!

31.5.2019 — the AI-startup which set off ambitiously to solve the core problems of the news media industry, such as quantifying and automatically finding newsworthy content — has decided to end business and all operations today 31.5.2019. Our team wants to thank many individuals and organisations for this journey, such as Ultrahack, HS, Vesa Lindqvist, Nuori Yrittäjyys, Boost Turku, STT, everyone at Startup Journey 2018, Kiuas Accelerator and especially our partner Namia for help, support and trust.

On behalf of the team,
Arttu Laitinen